Simple Color Scheme Birthday Party


There are so many great themes right now for birthday parties for everyone from kids to adults.  But there is not always the time to DIY or the money to BUY all of the decorations for those themed parties.  So how can you still throw a gorgeous birthday party that you won’t be afraid to put on Facebook? Two words. Color Scheme

Color schemes aren’t just for weddings and their receptions.  Picking a color scheme for a birthday party creates a great theme that is unique and original to you! It’s also a great way to tie everything all together in order to make decorating your birthday party quick and easy.

How to chose a color scheme?

There are two ways to go about picking a color scheme. First, you can create a color palette. This usually incorporates 3-5 colors that mesh well together. There are so many great inspirations on Pinterest to help you pick out the perfect palette. I also like to use a great website called Coolors, which generates some color palettes for you. It’s great if you are looking for some new and interesting color combinations.

The simplest option is to pick a single color and then use different shades of it throughout your entire party.  You can pair that one color with either gold or silver to complete the look.

Sample color palette, pdf from Coolors
Sample color palette using different shades of blue.

Bringing It All Together

Once you’ve chosen your color scheme, it’s time to get to work.  

Start with the invitations! The options for invitations are unlimited from using blank monogrammed ones (like these beautiful ones I found at Target) to designing your own to finding something amazing on Etsy. Matching the invitations to the party is a great way to start your party off right!

Next, look around of a mixture of paper goods. Get a variety of different sizes and different colors to match the color you picked out.  Find some similarly colored or patterned napkins and voila!

As far as silverware goes, I found this super easy, super quick, and super adorable way to turn basic white plastic silverware into something special from Delineate Your Dwelling. I tried it out for myself and I love it!

It wouldn’t be a party with a cake! You can either make your own cake or purchase one. Just make sure it matches your color scheme. There are tons of cute birthday toppers for free online you can use to add to it.

Finally, balloons. There are so many different and awe-inspiring ways hat people are decorating with you – arches, backdrops, you name it. Find some balloons that match your color scheme and use them to decorate.

Now that your decorations are complete, it is time to celebrate!